Kiss the Earth, hug trees, smell flowers, walk barefoot, spend time in the grass. Give the Earth what she deserves.

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I attended an amazing lecture today with a Tibetan Buddhist nun who spoke about compassion, being present, and the difference that we can all make in the world.  It was so beautiful to spend an evening with someone so wise and compassionate.  In the beginning of the lecture, she directed us all to close our eyes and become mindful of our breathing, and after a few minutes of meditation, we all opened our eyes and the entire energy in the room had shifted from being chaotic and anxious to amazingly tranquil.  If we all began our days this way, imagine how different our world would be…

I can’t wait to live with actual human beings next year bc FOR REAL I DO NOT WANT TO CLEAN YOUR GODDAMNED PISS OF THE SEAT ANYMORE

So last night in one of my dreams I wrote a REALLY good poem. Like the poem I was most proud of. And I can remember part of it BUT THE REST ELUDES ME

Writing in your sleep is the worst

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I just find myself laughing with pure bliss as I read this book it’s so great :)))

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vaginitis-When a person stops eating meat and starts gettin little vagina sores all over their body, then suddenly one day…they turn into a giant pussy
"dude, you’re gonna get vaginitis if u don’t start eating meat" its in urban dictionary…."

Horrible fucking idea, I did not pay a lot of money to be denied meat once a week. They can serve meatless options if they want, but its wrong to take all meat options away from people. It’s the same situation if the Caf didn’t serve vegan or vegetarian options one day of the week”

Yeah, that’s exactly what it’s like. Because I forgot that you absolutely need meat for survival and God forbid that our cafeteria cater to vegans and vegetarians so we have something decent to eat.

omfg so my university’s cafeteria did a meatless Monday today and literally SOOO many people were sooo butthurt about not being able to have meat today.

Feeling like a rebel today. “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” ~OSHO #me